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AD Medical is a family-owned and operated medical supplies and equipment distributor. We have more than 50 years of experience in servicing healthcare providers across the country, enhancing their distribution network by leveraging our diverse global supply chain.

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Medical Supplies and Equipment

Non-allocated stock available for a limited time. All of our products are FDA 510K registered and are sourced from several countries and suppliers to ensure we deliver you the highest-quality items at a reasonable price.

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If we are missing what you are looking for allow us to locate it for you. View all of our additional products from our partners Dynarex Corporation, Blickman Industries, Clinton Industries Inc, and Protection Products Inc.
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To meet the high standards of discerning healthcare professionals, we offer you carefully selected and reliable supplies and equipment. We offer our top-quality products at competitive pricing from leading manufacturers worldwide. As a company you can trust, we want to take care of your insufficiencies, recognizing we keep your best interest in mind when adjusting products in our portfolio.

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