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Thank You Letter

A Message From Our Maning Partners:

Aaron Reddell and Danny Weddle

At ADM Protection by AD Medical, we wanted to take a moment to pause and express our deepest gratitude to all of the front-line heroes who have worked tirelessly to keep us safe during these difficult times.

We are all facing challenges that we haven’t experienced before, but you have worked unselfishly to put the health of our communities as your top priority.

We want to recognize all of the hard-working, everyday heroes who continue to pull the rest of us thru this pandemic.

In all of the uncertainty over the past year, it is easy to feel unseen and unheard, but please understand; we see you, we hear you.

Above all else, we THANK YOU.

Aaron Reddell Danny Weddle Thank You Letter

Merger: Queen Medical to Join ADM Protection

Written By: Aaron Reddell and Danny Weddle

Queen Medical is a large regional distributor of medical supplies based in Charlotte, NC. Kirk Domanick, Founder and President of Queen Medical will be joining ADM as Executive Vice President of Sales. With this merger, ADM Protection will have a renewed focus on the hospital and clinic end user for a variety of supply category needs. We are excited to expand our offering while maintaining a central focus on assisting customers navigate the ever changing landscape of the healthcare environment. With this merger, AD Medical will expand our distribution footprint with a national network of sales representatives to service our ever expanding customer base.

Kirk comes to AD Medical with an extensive background in C suite sales and sales management.  Kirk, for over 25 years, has had a track record of success as well as a proven ability to build overperforming sales organizations as demonstrated in his time with Smith and Nephew and Byram Healthcare. Kirk’s extensive background in contract negotiations, supply chain management and sales leadership in the healthcare space will lead our continuing mission of value and service that has been passed down for the over 40 years our family business has been operating.  

Outside of work, Kirk enjoys spending time on Lake Norman in their Mooresville area community with his beautiful wife Liz and son Shane, a student at the University of Arizona. Kirk is an avid golfer and collegiate umpire for the Big10 and Big 12. In his early years, Kirk was a baseball letterman at the University of Pittsburgh and, shortly after his collegiate years, enjoyed over a decade of success founding and operating several retail sales locations in the Pittsburgh area.

Kirk has proven to be a courageous, trustworthy sales leader and we could not be more excited about the addition of his skills and leadership to our organization.

Please join us in welcoming Kirk to the AD Medical family.

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