Capital Equipment

Protecting Your Health is Our Priority.

At AD Medical™, all of our capital equipment products are FDA 510K registered and are sourced from Blickman Industries to ensure we deliver you the highest-quality items at a reasonable price.

All Capital Equipment Comes With
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Capital Equipment Case Carts

Capital Equipment

Case Carts

  • Maxi Case Carts
  • MultipurposeCase  Carts
  • Mini Case Carts
  • Space Saver Case Carts
  • Ultra Space Saver Carts
  • Open Case Carts
Capital Equipment Warming Cabinets

Capital Equipment

Warming Cabinets

  • Tabletop Warmers
  • Undercounter Warmers
  • Single Chamber Freestanding Warmers
  • Dual Chamber Freestanding Warmers
  • Recessed Warmers
Capital Equipment Tables

Capital Equipment


  • Hydraulic Instrument Tables
  • Liberty Tables
  • Georgetown Tables
  • CRT Tabels
  • Overbed Tables
  • Crescent Tables
  • Howard Instrument Tables
  • Sawyer Instrument Tables
  • Utility Tables
  • Nested Tables
  • Work Tables
  • Angular Instrument Tables
Capital Equipment IV Stands

Capital Equipment

IV Stands

  • 4-Leg SS IV Stands
  • 4-Leg Chrome Stands
  • 5-Leg SS IV Stands
  • 5-Leg Chrome IV Stands
  • 7792 MR IV Stands
  • 7795 Washable IV Stands
  • 6-Leg SS IV Stands
  • 6-Leg Chrome IV Stands
  • Irrigation Towers

Additional Products

If we are missing what you need, allow us to locate it for you.
View all of our additional products from our partners Dynarex Corporation and Blickman Industries.
Capital Equipment Stainless Steel Cabinets

Capital Equipment

Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • Kay Cabinets
  • Kennedy Cabinets
  • Walter Cabinets
  • Paul Cabinets
  • Console Walter Cabinets
  • Sink Cabinets
  • Console Paul Desk Cabinets
  • Console Shelf Cabinets
  • High Cabinet – Single Door & Double Door
  • Wall Cabinet – Single Door & Double Door
  • Steel Wall Shelves
Capital Equipment Mayo Stands

Capital Equipment

Mayo Stands

  • Benjamin Mayo Stands
  • Newark Mayo Stands
  • Single Pole Chrome Mayo Stands
  • Double Pole Chrome Stands
  • Middle Pole Chrome Stands
  • MR Mayo Stands
Capital Equipment Hampers

Capital Equipment


  • Stainless Steel Round Hampers
  • Chrome Round Hampers
  • Space Saver Hampers
  • Secure Care Hampers
  • Folding Adjustable Hampers
  • MR Compatible Hampers
Capital Equipment Decontamination Stations

Capital Equipment

Decontamination Stations

  • Base Cabinet Decontamination Stations
  • Stationary Decontamination Stations
  • Hydraulic Decontamination Stations

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